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to tell the truth...

Michael DeFazio
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Hey everyone. I don't really know what to say about myself in a few sentences, since if you don't already know me it won't be that easy to understand me (or anyone else in a few sentences for that matter). I'll just throw out a few not-so-random thoughts and see how it goes. I try to follow Jesus as closely as possible. Because he conquered death, I am not afraid of anything. I am married to a wonderful (beautiful, godly, fiesty, gifted, gracious, hard-working, fun, no-nonsense, intelligent, creative) woman named Beth, and I couldnt' imagine life without her. We live in Valencia, CA, the city featured on 24 (where it was blown up) and Oceans 13 (where a toy story is almost robbed). Valencia is a little too much like Pleasantville for us, but we love the people we know. I serve on staff at Real Life Church, which is a place that doesn't fire me for asking questions and answering them in ways that might offend other people our faith persuasion. So far people like to hear me talk, and they tell me my ideas are "intersting." I don't always know now to take that. I am an America, but don't hold that against me. I think that America has its own religion that is altogether different and in some cases diametrically opposed to authentic Christianity (though much of the world, and indeed much of America, does not realize that). I have spent the last seven years of my life intensely studying that strange book people called "the Bible," and I still haven't been able to tame it. I do love it, although some of it disturbs me. My goal in life is to answer and help others answer what I regard to be the most important questions in the world: Who is Jesus? and What are we supposed to do about it? I think most people think they understand Jesus, but they don't really have a clue "what he was about," so I learn and I teach. I try to love my enemies, though I confess that I may not be very good at it yet. Let's see, what else. I like to think, and I'm learning to think out loud so that I can think in community. That's why I started this blog after a year long hiatus from the blogosphere. I'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment even if you have nothing to say but "hi" (commenting can be complicated, so just post anonymously and tell me who you are in the comment). I think that's it for now. I hope you feel like you know me at least a little bit. Peace and love. And don't forget to laugh and smile and hug someone today. And just so you don't forget, Jesus rose from the dead, so if you stay close to him you ultimately have absolutely nothing to fear.