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Halloween Pics

Hello all,

This past week our Church hosted a quasi-Halloween party for little kids, and Beth and I went all out (again!). Each year part of the celebration is a "trunk-or-treat," where people line up their vehicles and incorporate them into their costume and hand out candy to kids as they walk by. Last year we were the Scooby Doo Gang (along with Joshua and Jessica Rodenbaugh), and this year we did a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. We even had The Black Pearl! Here are some pictures.

This is a broad shot of our whole setup. Beth is Elizabeth Swan, and I am of course Captain Jack Sparrow.

Elizabeth and Jack

Beth and our pirate rubber duckies for the babies

Me and our treasure

An imposter!

A smaller imposter!

There's only one Jack Sparrow

Our (friend's) little princess!

You can see these and more close-up at our picasa site. Hope you had as much fun as we did!
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