Halloween Pics

Hello all,

This past week our Church hosted a quasi-Halloween party for little kids, and Beth and I went all out (again!). Each year part of the celebration is a "trunk-or-treat," where people line up their vehicles and incorporate them into their costume and hand out candy to kids as they walk by. Last year we were the Scooby Doo Gang (along with Joshua and Jessica Rodenbaugh), and this year we did a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. We even had The Black Pearl! Here are some pictures.

This is a broad shot of our whole setup. Beth is Elizabeth Swan, and I am of course Captain Jack Sparrow.

Elizabeth and Jack

Beth and our pirate rubber duckies for the babies
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Beth's Travel Journal

My High Sierra Hike – August 5-9, 2007
Twenty-Seven Miles, Twelve High School Students, Three Middle-Aged Men, and Only One Me

By Beth

Filling My Pack

Day One: Sunday 8.5

The drive went fine – students were great. The drive up to 10,000’ was beautiful. It was fabulous to get out and feel the cool air on my face.

Set up at camp went well. And the s’mores were wonderful!

Funny story – The guys (leaders) asked me if I was offended by “the fruit of the vine.” Apparently it is their tradition to bring some wine along to help them sleep at night. They call it “rock softener” for code. I told them I was fine with it and then accepted their invitation to join in their tradition later that night. So, when ten o’clock rolled around I grabbed my mug, walked over to the fire where the men were gathered and handed Dave my cup. He said, “What’s this for?” I said, “For my ground softener.” (I got the name wrong.) He didn’t understand at first so I said again, “For the ground softener, to help me sleep tonight.”Collapse )